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SKU: TS0020WF-200


208L x 60W x 225H (cm)

81.88L x 23.62W x 88.58H (inch)

Packing volume: 4.8 m³ = 169 ft³



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This custom male model is hand-crafted from wood with planks on frame construction method and ready for display. One side hull is opened and show the interior illustrate how the real ship looks like. We can custom make any new design or any ship with such detail. Please feel free to email us at sales@gianhien.com for any further question.


Color: Natural wood


On December 24th of 1787, the three-masted BOUNTY set sail for Cape Horn with her crew of 44 men under the command of Captain Bligh. Her orders were to call at the Island of Tahiti, bad as many breadfruit trees as she could carry and then transport them to the West Indies where they were to be cultivated in large plantations as a supply of food for the slaves.

On arriving at Tahiti, after a 10 month voyage, Captain Bligh discovered that he would have to wait six months before the young breadfruit trees were ready for digging up and transporting. He therefore had no choice but to spend this length of time on the island. But life there proved to be so idyllic that at the end of the six months the crew did anything but welcome his order to start loading and return on board ship. 

Then on the morning of l8th April, during the return voyage, the infamous mutiny took place. Captain Bligh and 18 loyal members of crew were cast adrift with 150 pounds of biscuits, 20 pounds of salted meat and 120 litres of water. They were also given a compass, sextant and the logbook of the BOUNTY. 

With only these victuals and equipment Captain Bligh reached the Island of Timor after 42 days and 3400 nautical miles. Later Captain Bligh was made a vice-admiral and colonial governor. 

The mutinous crew of the BOUNTY found a safe hiding place on the Island of Pitcaim and there they unloaded the cargo before setting fire to the BOUNTY.

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