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SKU: BT0048P


80L x 14W x 28H (cm)

31.49L x 5.51W x 11H (inch)

Packing volume: 0.07 m³ = 2.47 ft³



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This battle ship model is all hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction and painted as the real ship. There are no plastic and this model is ready for display. Model comes with a brass nameplate on the base.

Color: Grey and dark red


HMAS Perth (FFH 157) is an Anzac class frigate of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The last of the class to be completed, she was built by Tenix Defence Systems and commissioned into the RAN in 2006. In 2007, Perth became the first major warship of the RAN to be commanded by a woman. During 2010 and 2011, the frigate was used as the testbed for a major upgrade to the Anzac class' ability to defend themselves from anti-ship missiles. Operational history In mid-2007, Commander Michele Miller became the first woman to command a major RAN warship when she assumed command of Perth. On 18 January 2010, Perth docked at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia to be modified under the Anti-Ship Missile Defence Project.The upgrade, intended to improve the class' anti-ship self-defence capability, included the fitting of CEA Technologies' CEAFAR and CEAMOUNT phased array radars, a Vampir NG Infrared Search and Track system, and Sharpeye Navigational Radar Systems, along with improvements to the operations room equipment and layout. Both of the frigate's masts were replaced; the top of the aft mast now sits at 38.7 metres (127 ft), making Perth the second-tallest ship in the RAN. Because of the added equipment, additional ballast was added to improve the frigate's stability, and the ship's quarterdeck was enclosed. The additional weight brought the ship's full load displacement to 3,810 tons. After the upgrade was completed in October 2010, Perth was used to trial the modifications before they were rolled out to the rest of the Australian Anzacs: alongside and harbour trials at HMAS Stirling were successfully completed in February 2011, and full sea trials began on 21 February. On 27 April, the frigate sailed to the east coast of Australia to continue trials, with further testing to occur at the United States Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility, then during Exercise Talisman Sabre. Testing was completed by July 2011, and the rollout of the ASMD upgrade across the class was approved in November 2011. Perth visited Wellington, New Zealand, in April 2012, leaving harbour on Thursday 26 April. In October 2013, Perth participated in the International Fleet Review 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

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