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SKU: BT0049P


82L x 12W x 29H (cm)

32.28L x 4.72W x 11.41H (inch)

Packing volume: 0.07 m³ = 2.47 ft³



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This battle ship model is all hand-crafted from wood with planks on frame construction and painted as the real ship. There are no plastic and this model is ready for display. Model comes with a brass nameplate on the base.

Color: Black



HMAS Collins (SSG 73) is the lead vessel of the six-submarine Collins class operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Named for Vice Admiral Sir John Augustine Collins, Collins was laid down in February 1990, and was the only submarine of the class to be partially constructed by Kockums' Malmo shipyard. The boat was launched in August 1993, but was not completed until ten months later. Numerous problems with the class were exposed by the lengthy sea trials period undertaken by the boat; Collins was not commissioned into the RAN until mid-1996, eighteen months behind schedule, and the submarine was not cleared for operational deployments until 2000.

Operational history

In May 1997, two groups of six female sailors were posted to Collins and Farncomb as a test on the feasibility of mixed-sex crews aboard submarines. Following the trial's success, eleven female sailors and one female officer commenced training for the submarine service in 1998.

In mid-2000, Collins was sent to Ketchikan, Alaska for noise testing with the United States Navy. Although noise testing in Australia was believed to have been affected by natural background noise, the Alaskan tests confirmed the Australian results.Low-speed testing showed that the Collins class was almost undetectable at patrol speed.

In August 2000, Collins became the first of her class to fire a Harpoon missile.

When Collins returned to the ASC facility in April 2001 for a year-long maintenance docking, multiple welding defects were found in both the bow and escape tower sections of the submarine—the two sections constructed by Kockums, while almost no problems were found in the welding of the four Australian-built sections. Repairing these welds quadrupled the time Collins spent in dock.

In July 2009, while exercising in the Great Australian Bight, two of the three diesel generators aboard Collins failed, forcing the submarine to limp back to base. The cause was believed to be errors during the submarine's last refit, with the boat undergoing major maintenance as of December 2009. Althougn back in service by February 2010, the boat was limited in her duties, but was predicted to be fully operational by May 2010. The Australian government is seeking A$5 million in compensation from ASC for the error.

During the first part of 2012, Collins participated in numerous naval exercises, before commencing a full-cycle maintenance docking.

The submarines are predicted to have an operational life of around 30 years, with Collins to be decommissioned around 2025.


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