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Goke or Göke the flagship of Kemal Reis 1495

SKU: TS0127W


80L x 24W x 72H (cm)

31.50L x 9.44W x 28.34H (inch)

Packing volume: 0.264 m³ = 9.32 ft³


Goke or Göke the flagship of Kemal Reis 1495

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Our model is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction as the real ship. Model is fully assembled and ready for display. The model includes the display stand and a brass name plate.

Color: Natural wood


The flagship of Kemal Reis Contemporary miniature from the Ottoman period in 1495. He was the flagship the most famous of the Ottoman Navy and participated in almost every Kemal Reis commitments, including Ottoman-Venetian War 1499-1503. This ship and participated in the Battle of the Aegean Sea, the Battle of Zonchio and Modon, raiding looting of the Ionian coast. This ship was about 50 meters was equipped with 26 basils, 6 and 26 culverins scree. He carried a crew of about 300, plus 768 rowers (slaves) spread over 64 oars and 200 soldiers, musketeers for most.

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