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SKU: TS0093P-50


46L x 10W x 37H (cm)

18.11L x 3.93W x 14.56H (inch)

Packing volume: 0.076 m³ = 2.68 ft³



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Our model is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction and then painted. Model is available with 2 sizes, fully assembled and ready for display.

Color: Black, white and red


The France II was a French sailing ship and the second one of that name. She was the second largest commercial merchant sailing ship ever built. Built in 1911 at the yards ("Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde") located on the banks of the river Garonne in Bordeaux to the plans of chief designer Gustave Leverne (1861–1940) for the nickel ore trade and was owned by the "Société Anonyme des Navires Mixtes (Prentout-Leblond, Leroux & Cie.)". The huge barque was equipped with two Schneider 950 hp diesel engines which were removed in 1919. At that time she became the largest sailing ship ever built. Her crew consisted of 5 officers: captain, 2nd captain (on French ships only (second capitaine); a naval officer of a captain's rank as a vice-captain and security officer, see chief mate), 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mates and 40 able seamen including cook, steward, sailmaker, ship's carpenter, which was increased to 45 in 1919. In 1915 she was sold to Leroux-Henzey of Rouen and sold again in 1916 to the "Compagnie Française de Marine et de Commerce" ("French Company of Marine and Trade") also of Rouen, her port of registry remained the same. In the night of July 12, 1922 she went aground on the Teremba reef (Urai bay) north west to the Ouano reef, nearly 60 nm north west of Nouméa, New Caledonia, homeward bound to Europe with a cargo of chrome ore from Pouembout. Because of fallen cargo rates her owner refused to pay to tow her free from the Ouano reef by a tug boat which was absolutely possible. In 1944, American bombers bombed the wreckage for target practice. In 1995 planning started to raise funds to design and build a replica of the France II but by 2010 very little progress had been made.

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