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Bluenose II XL

SKU: YT0010W-150


180L x 30W x 154H (cm)

70L x 11.81W x 60.62H (inch)

Packing volume: 0.37 m³ = 13 ft³

Bluenose II XL is available for purchase in increments of 1


Bluenose II XL

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Model is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction. This huge model is suitable for office, restaurant or hotel decoration. Model is packed with masts fold flat down to minimize the shipping cost and has instruction guide to set up the mast.


The original Bluenose was launched in Lunenberg on March 26, 1921. It was built in the Smith and Rhuland Shipyard to compete for the International Fisherman’s Trophy. In October 1921, the Bluenose beat a ship named Elsie and for the next 17 years, it defeated all contenders.

In 1928, the Bluenose defeated the Thebaud in the final race series and was named Queen of the North Atlantic fishing fleet. The Bluenose had become the pride of Nova Scotians, and in 1937, the Canadian dime was changed to include an image of the mighty ship.

In 1942, despite the efforts of Bluenose Master, Captain Angus J. Walters and others to keep the ship in Nova Scotia, the vessel was sold to the West Indian Trading Company. For four years it carried freight in the Caribbean. On January 28, 1946, the Bluenose struck a Haitian reef and sank.

In 1963, the Bluenose II was built from identical plans as the Bluenose. It was built in the same shipyard of Smith and Rhuland and by some of the same men. Bluenose II is operated by the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia. 

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